The power of surrender


Those words today sum up what I feel in my heart…
I surrender, I allow these wild emotions to come in and stay for a while…
Not an easy task mind you, as at any moment I feel like I’m about to drown…

It reminds me when I swam as a child, into the wild surf of the Atlantic Ocean…
Those big powerful waves, so wild that the only way to defeat them was to surrender to their crazy whims…
Once I did surrender, I always found myself safe and sound on the shore…
Not knowing exactly how it all happened, feeling drained and grateful to be alive…

Far from reaching the shore at this point in time, I surrender instead to the rhythmic waves of my pain…
Hoping one day I will arrive safe and sound on those peaceful shores of my mind…
Finding myself finally at peace with my life and all its ebb and flow…



  1. Oh sweet friend, I read to catch up last night, but could not get my phone to post my comments. I’m so sorry for your loss- your grief- this time of mourning. You’ve gotten such good advice and ways to go about going through. And that is truly the only thing I know best- surrendering and then allowing ourselves to go through- to lean in and embrace. To be all there. Love the ocean and swimming analogies… they bring peace to me as well. Love and prayers coming to you- deep and wide.


  2. Anyes, I know this is a big thing with many different feelings to work through. And the truth is that you are safe right now – even in the midst of this. Big hugs to you my friend. Sending love your way. xoxo


  3. You will. You’ll find yourself safe and sound and at peace. 🙂 I love today’s quote, too. Life happens, and it’s up to us to go along with it or try and fight it.


  4. This is beautiful, Anyes. Of course not the pain and suffering but the description of it all. It is so true, there is no way to know how or exactly when you make it to the shore but the fact that you know it will, eventually happen, you will be able to take a deep breath, there is comfort in that. Until you feel some solid ground under your heart be kind, offer compassion to those waves of grief and rest in the waters knowing it is where you need to be, right now.


      1. You are welcome. Anyes, I am sure you are aware but grief is a “core” emotion. You can’t “fix” it. It just is. You can guide your inner self, offer her compassion, remind her that you are here for her, she is safe, you won’t let go. The more your inner self trusts you, the easier the waves are to ride. Give yourself time, encouragement and light. And, if you haven’t heard of innerbonding, check it out…it is so powerful and worth diving into, especially in moments of our lives where core emotions are building walls up where ever they can. There are parts of this process that are free to learn and other parts (like the 30 day at home courses) that are priceless!


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