When I started to take a closer look at my word of the year I had this urge to cut it down to size as if to better be able to make sense of it…and so it went

Trans =
prefix: trans-
across; beyond.
on or to the other side of.

Form =

the visible shape or configuration of something.

(forming nouns) denoting an action or an instance of it.

Everything around me is changing at a faster pace than I could have ever imagined…
Most interesting of all, is the fact that I am changing too…
The very recent passing of my dad has brought deep changes within my soul…
While the outer shell is still the same…the inner shell is boiling over and spilling out into my every day life…
Change is here to stay whether I am ready for it or not…

So today I am deciding to embrace it…all of if…regardless of how hard it feels…
One of the first change is happening on my plate…
After watching this eye opening documentary,

I have decided to change the way I eat…for good…
Trans-form-ation is happening…


Talk to me, I am listening :-)

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