Seeing the light


Slowly stepping out of this dark place I was in for a while…
Getting strength from the light I see shining in the sky…
Knowing deep inside that in the end every thing is alright, the way it is…
Wishing all my Americans friends a beautiful Memorial Day long week-end…


Je suis doucement en train de sortir petit à petit, de cette endroit sombre ou je m’etais cachée dernièrement
La lumière que je vois en regardant le ciel me redonne de la force
Je sais de façon intuitive qu’en fin de compte tout ira pour le mieux, car c’est toujours le cas


  1. I’ve been feeling the same way. And yes, knowing everything is right, just the way it is, is a huge help.


  2. Such a simple truth- but so perfectly said too. Makes me happy to hear you are returning to yourself again. We’ve finally had sunshine and warmth for a couple of days and it feels heavenly.


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