Taking it slow

Along the Thouet river

Always remember to slow down in life;
live, breathe, and learn;take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything
and every person that has the least place within your heart.”


Sometimes in life, it’s necessary to take it slow.
A quiet walk along a winding river can help your tired heart, and will feed your soul.
In the company of a few butterflies and some red dragonflies (first time I ever saw those)…
I am taking it slow and going deep within remembering what I came here for.

Wishing you dear friends a beautiful Sunday filled with “slow time” if you so desire 🙂

Quelques fois dans la vie, il est necessaire de ralentir.
Une marche tranquille le long d’une riviere sinueuse vous sera tres benefique.
Tout cela en companie des quelques papillons et de plusieurs libellules rouges (jamais vues auparavant)…
Je prends mon temps pour me souvenir de la raison de ma venue ici.

Je vous souhaite cher(e)s ami(e)s un superbe Dimanche tout au ralenti, si vous le souhaitez



  1. oh so beautiful, all of it, and I need to hear it a million times a day, it seems, that it’s
    perfectly alright to s-l-o-w down and take it baby step style:) thanks, friend:)


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