Can you see it?

My butterfly This trip back to France is filled with signification Signs abound all around letting me know I’m doing the right thing It’s as if nudges from up above where guiding me along in my times of doubts Can you see the butterfly that posed for me yesterday? It came from nowhere; told me I was where I was supposed to be Then flew away… Anyone who knows what it is? .-)


Ce voyage de retour en France est rempli de significations Les signes abondent tout autour de moi, me faisant savoir que je suis sur la bonne voie Comme si du ciel, je recevais un clin d’oeil me guidant tout au le long de mes doutes Pouvez-vous voir le papillon qui a posé pour moi, hier? Il est venu de nulle part; m’a dit que j’étais là où je devais être Puis s’est envolé … Est-ce que quelqu’un sait de quelle espèce il s’agit? . -)


  1. Gorgeous image, just beautiful. nature talks to me as well – i imagine she talks to everyone, it’s just that they aren’t listening…


  2. No- beautiful- and definitely delivering a message that must resonate so deeply with you. I feel such life and breath and light filling your words, your images, you, friend, filling you. Hugs sweet one!


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