Lost again

It seems I’ve lost my ways and it’s been going on for a long while now. There is no real explanation just the fact that this feeling crept up on me very slowly without me knowing it was there.
So here I am a whole three weeks after my last post, lost again. I should get over it, I know (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) but somehow it does not work!
I found today’s quote and hose it hoping Mr. Thoreau knew what he was talking about.

Have you ever found yourself lost too dear friends? then tell me how did you find yourself again? (I could use some advice)

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
Henry David Thoreau


C’est lorsque nous sommes perdu(e)s, que nous commençons à nous comprendre.
Henry David Thoreau

Il me semble que je suis perdue et que cela dure depuis un bout de temps maintenant. Il n’y a aucune véritable explication à part du fait que ce sentiment s’est insinué en moi très lentement et que je ne l’ai pas du tout senti venir.
Donc je me retrouve à écrire ici, trois semaines depuis mon dernier billet, complétement perdue. Je devrais m’en remettre, je le sais bien (et je continue à me le répéter) mais cependant cela ne marche pas!
J’ai cherché et trouvé la citation ci-dessus car j’espère que M. Thoreau savait de quoi il parlait.

Vous êtes vous déjà trouvé vous-même perdu(e) chers ami(e)s, si c’est le cas puis-je vous demander comment vous vous êtes trouvés à nouveau? (J’ai vraiment besoin de quelques conseils)


  1. Have I ever lost myself? Oh yes, many times. And somehow found my way back – sometimes it took longer than other times. I do find that busy times are “easier” for me to loose myself. That doesn’t really come as a surprise.


  2. I thought that I’d missed you, Anyes, because of my own infrequent posting and reading of others’ blogs. Perhaps Donna’s posts will grant me some insight. I wish that the sunshine will be visiting you (in spite of the physical sun’s rays not being available at this time of year.) It is good to hear from you.


  3. I think some times you have to let go into the being lost, but this is always hard — the shoulds keep tapping on your shoulder. Keep believing dear Anyes & stay connected with all those who love you. Sending big hugs & love to you.


  4. Regularly 🙂 When I am lost, I do the things I know need doing – the washing, clean the floors, make the bed, weed the garden. Whatever. I spend a lot of time doing yoga and meditation, because they bring me back to myself. Writing. Usually dross, but that’s what comes out when I’m lost. morning pages are good. After a while, I remember that nothing stays the same, and one day soon I’ll wake up and things will be different. Until then… 🙂


  5. Anyes, this is what happens when we ask for what we really want…. everything standing in the way of us having it comes up to make itself known. And this is a good thing. Know that this too will pass. Love you! xoxo


  6. Right there with you so if you find an answer let me know. I’m blaming my disillusionment, lack of energy and inability to do anything on long work hours with no breaks but I’m not sure that’s it. So far, the winter has been the kind of winter that brings me down – no snow to play in. I’m doing what it sounds like you and Donna are doing and hoping if I’m patient, my feelings will change.


  7. I think the course we are both taking will be a good beginning Anyes. It has taken me a few years now of working through courses like the one we are taking…reading, meditating, contemplating and writing or using whatever creative outlet helps (photography, gardening and many more)…I wish I had a magic wand for both of us but I can tell you that once you have realized you are lost, then the healing begins…I continue to write about each new revelation I am having at my new blog…it is a journal of sorts and has helped me with my healing.

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