Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth


It’s our challenges and obstacles
that give us layers of depth and make us interesting.

Are they fun when they happen? No.
But they are what make us unique.
And that’s what I know for sure… I think.
Ellen DeGeneres


Ce sont les défis et les obstacles que nous affrontons
qui nous donnent de la profondeur et qui nous rendent intéressant.
Est-ce facile quand ils arrivent sur notre chemin? Non.
Mais ils nous rendent unique.
De ceci je suis completement certaine … peut-être.
Ellen DeGeneres



  1. I suspect it is not the challenges, but how we react to them which gives us depth.
    And how I wish that life came with an instruction manual. And water wings…
    Glorious image, thought provoking post. Thank you.


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