1st draft

In Focus

Nothing better than the scent of a brewing cup of coffee to wake up all my senses. Walking around to find a place I settle close to the window so the daylight can entice me into action. I need to get back to writing and there’s something about a small coffee place that feeds my soul.
The soft ramble of the voices heard in the coffee place are a bit distracting. High ceilings painted in a dark grey colour, the cream coloured walls covered with the art of a local painter give this place a homey feel and might explain its popularity.Making it impossible to concentrate, I decide instead to people watch. Ever done that? It used to be my favourite sport Wednesday afternoons when I was in boarding school.

On my right hand side a nice looking couple is talking. His urban chic clothes reminds me of the time I was excited to dress up. Trying not to pay them too much attention I still want to describe what they’re wearing, just for the fun of it.
A light blue sweater with a paler collar shirt atop a dark blue jean, the only exciting piece of clothing would have to be his thinly stripped lavender socks.

Seating across from him she is wearing a long grey sweater on top of a longer a silk shirt, and black legging. Her knee length velvet boots are finishing the outfit. She’s blond and her striking blue eyes. They’re all about business from what I can tell. I might be wrong but I believe she’s in the process of hiring him giving him a bit of training at the same time.
In the back the laughter of the next table makes me realize others are having fun too.

I know this piece needs work so I was thinking to present it again here on the last week of November, to see how much better it can be.

What do you say, dear friend?



  1. I would love to read it again, seeing what you have done about it. Works in progress are so interesting. I already got drawn in to this coffee place. Lavender socks? Hmmmm….


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