Second draft


Writing is all about patience and hard work. The many drafts of any written piece take time. Time to reflect, time to  research, time to re-write. However I have to say that passion is also a very important ingredient in the mix, at least it is to me…

Here is where you can find the first draft. Without further ado here is my second draft.

The comforting scent of a brewing cup of coffee wakes up all my senses. I walk around trying to find a place to settle. By the window, the warm sunny light beckons me into action. I need to write.  This quaint coffee place is perfect to feed my creative soul. It has the added advantage to smell heavenly.
The high ceilings painted in a dark grey colour, the cream coloured walls covered with the art of a local artist, all contribute to  give this place a homey feel and might explain its popularity.  The downside of this as I soon realize, is that the soft ramble of the voices I hear all around distracts me. It’s impossible to concentrate. So I decide instead to do some people watching. My favourite sport on Wednesday afternoons back in France when I was in boarding school, . 

Ever done it? It’s a great way for any writer to find inspiration or so I’ve heard.  Trying not to be too obvious, I slide down a bit stretching my legs and slowly peek all around  the main room.  

On my right hand side, seating across each other tucked in deep dark leather armchairs a nice looking couple is talking. Urban chic  trendy he looks the part of a young and handsome young man trying too hard. His beard is precisely trimmed and I can tell he spent a lot of time deciding what to wear.  His light blue sweater looks like cashmere. The hem of an even paler shirt appears on his dark blue jeans. Wait, what do I see? Thinly stripped lavender socks, I must admit I did not expect this, there is hope after all. A nice pair of light brown leather Lace-Up Derby shoes finishes the outfit. 

Seating across from him, her knee length dark velvet boots almost touch his knees. They’re quite close together, appearing comfortable in each other’s presence. Piercing blue eyes and long blond hair I know by the way he looks at her, that he’s smitten. She might be too, I can not really tell. They’re all about business from what I can see. What a pity.  For a moment there I thought they might be on a date. Looking closer I can see she’s in the process of hiring him, giving him a bit of training at the same time.

I’ll be sure to re-write this piece once more before then end of the month, just to see where it might go. Any thoughts dear friends? This is a bit tidier but still needs works to make it come to life.



  1. I remember the first piece..and it’s really cool to see it you added more to it! I can’t wait to see where you will take this the next round! I think you did a good job..filled in some of the blanks..added more detail..made it easier to visualise too.


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