D is for Defying my Demons

When people are very damaged,
they can often meet the world
with a kind of defiance.
J. K. Rowling

Grief brought out a side of me I was not aware of. I’ve had to face this stranger within who didn’t want to live anymore. I was crippled by this insurmountable sadness preventing feelings to come through.

Did I surrender? On many occasions, I almost did regardless of the loved ones embracing me. Giving up was tempting. I pulled through. Time passed as it always does. Ever so slowly the darkness made way for hints of light. Before I knew what happened darkness was no longer.

Between the clouds

I know now that in order to keep being myself, I need a concentrated effort to chase away my demons, still residing within.  The smile you see is sometimes hiding lots of pain. That being said I am still filled with awe and gratitude for this journey of pain. It is preparing me for what is coming in my life.

You see, dear friend to appreciate light there HAS to be darkness, so keep on…


  1. Oh wow…. so deep and true. I had my first experience
    with this emotion recently.
    All I could do in hopes to make myself feel better is say to myself “I’am alive”


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