K is for Key

Don’t give up.
Normally it is the last key on the ring
Which opens the door.
Paul Coehlo

When the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I wonder how to feel lighter, I remind myself to take a deep breath. Then another one. Breathing helps calming my anxious heart.
Knowing I have the key to open the emotional chains weighing me down, helps me.

What do I do?, you ask…

I write about what’s in my heart to lighten it up, daily almost
I talk to a close friend who I know will listen without judging
I walk in the forests and clear my mind, even if only for a few moments

Tuesday's Thought

Which keys are helping you opening your emotional chains, dear friend?



  1. Thanks for this piece Anyes. As well as doing the same things as you, I find EMDR tapping very helpful for freeing me when I get stuck in some emotional dark hole.


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