O is for “Oh, what a wonderful life!”

Live each day as if
your life had just begun.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The hustle and bustle of everyday routine kept me blind
I took life’s gift for granted
I was still fairly “young” and felt somewhat invincible
Then this happenned to me

A full year after here are some of the lessons I learned:

My heart broke from sadness (a two years diet of Nutella and chips might have helped)
I am not the first one to have ever suffered this way nor will I be the last
My body is a vessel I need to respect and to treat right (side note: I’m now vegan)
Every day is a Present I am given; I try to live each and every one to the fullest




  1. I can totally appreciate all said. We all have something happen to us. It makes me appreciate and respect life even more. Glad to open this present 🎁 with you! And enjoy this gift on the new days ahead! 🍻


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