What do I do when it’s Fall?

Delicious autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird
I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot

Orange & Yellow & Red

I rejoice.

The inauguration of another season was yesterday and I wondered if I’ve missed it. Taking my head out of the depressing sounds of the outside world, I am reassured. Not missed anything. Three whole months of a colourful, windy or rainy season are mine to be delighted with.

I feel happy.

Did I ever tell you Orange is one of my favourite colour. Weird right? Now you understand why my heart is springing out of my chest in utter delight. The photograph I’ve chosen for today’s post was taken eons ago. Its fiery heat gives my soul courage. Colours all clambering for attention everywhere I look, so I let my senses lead me.

I jump for joy.

It’s my own version of paradise. Poor sweet camera’s been sleeping for the better part of the year. Truth is when I’m behind the view finder, the whole world disappears and I’m alive again. I’m still a bit weary to go out with it though, I’m ashamed of it.

I smile in pure delight.

Morning Pages are what I do regularly. They encourage me to empty what’s in my head and in my heart. Writing away the worries and, the anger allows for joy and creativity to be back in my heart. In truth it’s yet another attempt at them, just started this month again. Still going strong though so I’m filled with hope. Which is what brought me back here dear friends. I did miss you lots…

Tell me what do you do when it’s Fall?


  1. Hello my friend. I too love Autumn colours – I’m an autumn after all 🙂
    And it’s Spring here in NZ. Looking forward to summer and warmth and swimming in the sea.
    I too have been writing Morning pages for a long time – they are transformative.
    I came across this Q&A from Julia Cameron on the subject.

    And Anyes, you might like the book…. It’s Never too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond. This is Julia Cameron’s follow up book to the Artists Way – same format – 12 weeks with morning pages, artist dates and more. I’m up to Week 11 at the moment. Highly recommended. I loved the Artist’s Way too.

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    • Hello dear friend. Wishing you a much warmth and light. Enjoy your swims in the sea. Yes, I am starting to discover the power of the Morning Pages. Interesting how it allows oneself to dig within ever so softly, almost imperceptibly. Thank you so much for the link.
      I’ll be sure to get the book you recommend, it looks exactly like what I need now. ❤


  2. Autumn is also my favorite season. There’s so much to take delight in! 💖 I don’t know what kind of fall I’ll find now that I moved, but I do hope I’ll see some colors and rain.

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  3. I certainly miss you and am very happy you have reached out.
    Keven and my Favourite Colour is also orange- love your photo the Colour is rejuvenating!

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