On the edge of reality

Sitting on the edge of reality;

Not the best place for a dreamer. Tucking my knees tightly under my arms while looking down. all.the.way.down.

I’m scared.

I want to close my eyes, and think myself back to sleep. Maybe it will work this time, maybe I will be taken to the place where the ocean’s salty breath soothes my soul, where the wind listens to my fears, gathers them away, and blows them up to the clouds…

Sunlight dancing

Words and images crowd my mind, rushing only to be stopped at the edge of my fingers…

The keyboard is silent, gathering dust. The camera waits for the shutter button to be pressed, feeling abandoned and rejected. My soul knows this is the work I’m meant to do, so why don’t I follow the quiet whisper within and see it through…

Still sitting on the edge of reality;

Today I did write and because of it, reality fades just a smidge. The shadows are still there but this time I can also see the sunlight. I know i’m not ready.

Wait…Maybe I am


  1. Hello dear friend- you have such a way with words. I love reading them. And you perfectly describe where I’m at too. I’m trying to flow with being in this in between state and I’m also impatient. I don’t want to start and stop so I don’t start. Sending you big warm hugs across the oceans. I’m right there with you. 💕

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    • Helloooo you, I’m so happy to see you here. What a beautiful compliment, thank you.
      I’ve held myself back for too long and the truth is it feels like I’m bursting at the seams. so I took the plunge. This time though no pressure on myself. Then I don’t feel like I’m drowning under pressure.
      Hugging you back as well dear friend, I miss you and I’m so happy to see you’re here with me 💕


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