I miss the days

Art is never finished only abandoned
Leonardo Da Vinci 

I miss the days of finding beauty all around, like a fallen leaf in the shape of my heart.

I miss the days when light felt like it seeped in from another world, soft and pure.

I miss the days when the colours of the Autumn leaves felt like a painting, and my camera was the brush needed to capture it.
The Path

Most of all I miss the days of creating images I was the only one to see.

How about you dear friend, what are you missing?



  1. I don’t miss much of my youth…it was a hard time. What was good was my freedom to explore nature which I have continued all my life. 🙂


  2. I miss being confident that good outweighed bad.
    I miss being able to rely on my body (despite me disparaging the way it looks).
    I miss Vision and Verb.
    I am grateful for the beauty in the world, and for the kindred souls I have found in the blogosphere.

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    • I guess because we live in a two dimensional world good and bad are about equals, sadly. We just have to be mindful of which lenses we put on to see our world.
      I also miss vision and Verb, a lot and I am so grateful for blogosphere friends like you ❤


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