Take. The. Time

Taking time to do something slower than you normally would is a privilege that should not be ignored.

Harper Reed

Time always seems to run away from us. Trying to capture enough of it to get things done, seems a fruitless pursuit. We’ve been taught early on that life does not wait for us. It’s a race even if it’s only with ourselves. So we run, and we run, and we run.  Faster, longer, harder pushing our limits trying to beat the clock. We just don’t understand we’re in a wheel…Remember the hamster wheel? Whether we know it or not time is an illusion so trying to get more of it is useless.

So now that you understand a bit more where I’m coming from, I’ve got a game for you dear friend. How about instead of starting your day like a sprint runner on fire, you decide for a short while to Take. The. Time.

In other words you wake up with intention, carve yourself a fifteen minute window of just being fully aware of YOU. For all the young students, mothers, fathers  out there, I know it might be quite a challenge. Trust me it is worth it.

I can tell you from personal experience, before long you’ll notice that this small window of time you took to be mindful and aware, is the best tool you have got to start living your life instead of running.

From my Window



  1. That one is a challenge. Given my druthers I spend as little time as possible with myself. I am happy to spend time with nature, and with blessed silence though. Which is a start.


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