Words of hope to pass the time

“Raise your words, not voice.

It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

Copyright ©Far Away in the Sunshine 2010 – 2020

Rumi your gentle words soft and accepting, invited me to write today. I wonder, will this help me escape the despair and the confusion slowly seeping in my worried mind?

I have a confession to make. I fear too much time has passed now, since I last wrote here.

See, while I kept busy in my everyday life, the years of blogging faded away, like an old Polaroid photo, yellowed, and bent at the corners, gathering dust in the discarded shoe-box tucked under the bed, of all the passions I do not pursue anymore.

So why bother, you ask? Good question…I do not have the answer to this yet. However one could say,

I am stubborn, and I refuse to yield into submission even though it might look like I do at times.

I guess I want to keep my mind busy doing something I love, rather than spend hours scrolling down on my phone, waiting for doom to unfold.

You’ve got to understand I’m not well equipped for doom, I guess no one really is!

My heart attack four years ago (heart-aversary in a just a few weeks), left me highly sensitive to stress, while teaching me something priceless. Life is precious and time is a volatile commodity no one can afford to waste. Being the recipient of what I consider a second chance, the situation we’re all living in now, is urging me to re-evaluate in depth, what truly matters to me.

So here I am.

Wanting to reignite the passions I used to have, craving once more for life’s simple pleasures that used to fill my heart with so energy and delight.

Copyright ©Far Away in the Sunshine 2010 – 2020

The joy I felt the day I took the photo of the rain falling on this empty picnic table. I remember laughing at the fact, all the condiment bottles were getting soaked, and I wondered how the wet salt was going to ever get dry again, (it rains a lot here in British Columbia).

The excitement I got from writing, spilling the cluttered thoughts in my head out on the screen. Choosing my words, changing them, forever tweaking the placement of a sentence used to bring me so much joy.

At this moment this feels so clumsy. I know in a few weeks it will feel like I never left, and in a few weeks more, I will feel stronger all together for having decided to go through with this challenge of placing myself in front of the blank screen.

I have decided I want to look at the world with the eyes of that little girl, I buried deep within.

She is ready, now is the time to wake her up. 


  1. We were always here when you were ready. You are right on time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your gentle voice with the world,


  2. I think it is healthy for people to step back into blogging right now. Very much so if you once loved blogging. Grab all the joy you can find, anywhere you can find it.

    Liked by 1 person

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