Too much time on my hands?

It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

Elusive and fleeting, time used to be something I always ran out of.

The past week changed it all. Stranded at home for the foreseeable future I find myself having too much time on my hands. I fail to know where to waste it, as Monsieur Saint-Exupery said.

Now hear me, I didn’t say I have nothing to accomplish, far from it.

I know that:” X needs to be done, Y needs to be replied too, and Z has been waiting to be dealt with, since forever ago” so I should get going!!!

In all honesty, and perfect procrastinator fashion, I have chosen so far with lots of success to ignore my pesky to-do list .

In searching where my freed-up time could be spent, I remembered my loved ones!

Reaching out to my extended family members, now takes up a good portion of my time. It’s all long distance, as brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, are living in France, with a few loved ones in Quebec, Canada.

Instagram, What’s App, the old phone call turn out to be the perfect tool, to see their faces, and hear their voices. My heart melts and I breathe heavy sighs of relief knowing everyone is doing good.

Which brings me to this point: Why didn’t I make the time to keep in touch, before COVID-19?

I missed them, I thought of them often, I even dreamed of them yet I never reached out.

I was always so adamant thinking that time mattered, so one needed to spent it on what or whom was important yet I did not take action.

I know better now.

I decide every single day what matters to me most. Family, and writing are coming through with flying colours. New practices that I am getting better at. Unexpected Bonus: it’s makes my confinement days much more pleasant.

I intend to keep discovering what else will be added to the list of essential things to do with my time.

How about you ? What are you doing with your time?


  1. There is a long, long, LONG list of things that I want/need to get done, and I’m feeling quit overwhelmed with free time right now. I’ve only been home a week, and already had forgotten what day it was yesterday.

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  2. Hooray.
    I have a number of things which ‘should’ be done. None of them are things I would regret not finishing if I was on my death bed. If I clean/declutter the house today, it will need to be done again.
    I am spending more time in the garden (when weather permits). I am reading more.
    And I am making sure that the people who matter to me know just how important they are. The last is the most important.


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