Let’s get to know each other

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.


One thing you might as well know about me, I do not do “small talk” I dislike it. With that said, if we were to meet for the first time, I would want to know all about you. Not what you did the past week but rather if you’d ever wondered as a child about parallel universes? Or if you asked yourself what happens once we die? Are we made of stardust?

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I think we are.

To keep it lighter and still fun, I chose a few questions I’ll be answering in this post. Since it is NanoPoBlano time, this will happen every Monday. So here we are:

What’s the #1 most played song on your playlist?

I must have been asleep under a rock when this song came out. I’d never heard it before a close friend of mine sent it my way a few months ago. I’m calling you, came at a time in my life when everything was going in shambles. The rhythm, the words, the voices all put together gave me a giant audible hug the very first time I heard it. I remember crying while listening to it. Thankfully those times are gone and when it plays; I belt it out to the top of my lungs (usually by myself in the car on my way to work). It brings me joy, strength and fills me up with hope. A commodity I make sure to replenish every single day. 

What is one of your favorite quotes?

Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. E. L. Doctorow

It’s a metaphor for Life. Don’t you think? Have you ever driven at night in a fog thick as pea soup? Then you understand how hard and exhausting it is. The light beam you have only shows a few feet ahead of your front fender. Yet as hard as it is to believe, you make it to your destination. Writing feels the same to me; a lot is unknown and un-visible. The work to be done is to put pen to paper and keep writing. Most of the time I can’t even see a few lines ahead, but I keep at it and find myself knee deep in a beautiful story I didn’t know I had in me. Fascinating, don’t you think?

What sound do you love?

This one is so easy: The sound of the rain tapping on my windowpane on a stormy winter night. It lets me know I am safe. As a child, I remember looking at the window on rainy days and looking at the raindrops pretending they were little people rushing out of the rain. I promise you I could see tiny legs right before the drop splattered on the pavement. Since then, the rain has always been a source of joy. Granted, some years, when it has been raining non-stop for twenty days, and the daylight is a permanent dull grey hue, rain does get on my nerve. Overall though, I can tell you, I. LOVE. RAIN

So now that you know a bit more about me anything about you you’d care to share? If not, it’s OK too. I am still glad you came.

Day 2 of 30


  1. Wonderful to know more about you!
    My favorite sound/song would be waves. I grew up very near Lake Michigan. So water song is important for my mental health 😊

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    • I totally understand this Dinah, I grew up close to the Atlantic Ocean. We used to spend quite a bit of time at the beach. I studied in La Rochelle a city by the ocean as well and the sound of the waves is something that makes my soul sing. Alas here Isettle for rians drops against the window pane. 😊

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  2. I struggle with small talk too. I love the sound of rain, but even more I love the scent of rain-washed air.
    Music is largely a closed book to me though. Possibly one of the few ‘books’ I am able to leave closed.

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  3. I completely understand that writing is like driving at night in the fog and I adore this description. πŸ’š The sound of rain is soothing to me but only if there’s no thunder and lightning. πŸ˜…

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  4. My love of music spans throughout my life, and my favorite most played song depends on what year it is, what my mood is, and other random influences. I checked the play counts in my usual music player though, and the most frequently played song appears to be Undisclosed Desires by Muse. (This is funny to me because I didn’t think I listened to that one so often, although the entire Resistance album is really quite good.)

    Also, count me in for rain blatting on the window- best sound ever. It’s very soothing.

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    • You’ve picked my curiosity up, Steven. I going to listen to this right now. I’ve got to say I can keep on listening to the same album for months on end. It might sound boring but it seems to fill me up somehow, until one day I’m done and proceed onto the next favourite.

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      • I am the same way with some songs- if it hits me a certain way, I can listen to it over and over again until one day I’m done listening to it over and over. A song of this type will always be loved, but I won’t need to listen to it quite as much after a time.

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  5. Oh, I adore meeting lovers of rain – hello, fellow pluviophile! It was lovely to learn more about you, and I agree, small talk is a small evil that I have never quite mastered either. A song that has been played on repeat, at my end, for the past week or so, is How Deep is Your Love. Of course, it’s a song I’ve always known, but I fell heads over heels after listening and watching a cover by Infinity Song on Instagram (from April this year, I think). Loved it so much that I printed out the lyrics so I could follow along – that’s a deaf thing, for some of us, I need to be able to read the lyrics before I can even attempt to keep up with them sung. Sending hope that this Monday, and this week, is a good one.

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