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Truth be told last week was a bit stressful. A scheduled MIBI test last Monday and Tuesday resulted in an emotional heaviness I had not felt in a long while. Writing tonight I still feel the strong effect these tests had on me. Thankfully I am much better than I was even a few days ago.

To offer a change of pace, I decided to link the blog of some of my fellow NanoPoblano2020 teammates. The photo below is how I imagine all of us working on this month long November challenge

Photo by fauxels on

If ever you were curious about Arlington, Virginia? Go see Steven he knows what to do there, his blog is also filled with interesting tidbits about life in general.

Ra and her words take my heart away, everytime. She’s a powerhouse storyteller. I promise.

You love photography and are curious about traveling XingfuMama’s blog will delight your eyes.

Ka‘s post about meditation to be done outdoors is something I will do soon weather permitting.

Dinah is looking at blogging with fresh new eyes and I am so happy she’s loving the journey

I should be able to resume blogging the way I want soon, dear friend and I am glad you came ❤

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Day 16 of 30


  1. Thank you for your
    link/support ! I appreciate your kindness!
    Wishing you peace and smooth sailing right through the tests and results. We’re all in good company navigating through health challenges. Remember you’re not alone 💜

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  2. Thanks for the linkback. I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to wait through the uncertainty of medical tests, and I hope things get better for you soon.

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