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Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

Desmond Tutu

It is interesting that up until recently, I had not been affected by how much light was outside during my working hours. This does not hold true anymore. I now crave light, the way I craved some foods while I was pregnant. My soul needs it, so does my body.

So I find myself posting this photo taken nine years ago mid-November and staring at it for minutes at a time, loving how the light plays in the raindrops and the spider web. Simple pleasures and hope stirred together feed my soul on a daily basis.

I have been meaning to ask you dear friends, are the darker days getting to you too? Any soul feeding recipe you care to share?

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  1. I try to lean in to the dark. We have several recipes that help, but most of them start with “open the refridgerator door and see what’s inside” in other words left over soup.

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  2. As Steven mentioned, those little lights really make a difference. I love light normally but I can’t handle it now. I have to hide from most of it to keep the headaches at bay. ❤ But I can still enjoy the light in photos! This one is gorgeous.

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  3. Yes! I too crave light. Every year I dread the darkness of winter! About the only thing I do to get through it is to look for ways to emphasize feelings of coziness. This helps me have fleeting feelings of appreciation for winter….VERY fleeting! But I’ll take any positive thoughts I can find. 💜

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    • Yes, Dinah. I find myself gravitating to bringing coziness and warmth back in. Winter is a struggle for me. it gives for stunning photographs but it is the season when I wish I could hibernate. From the day after christmas to March 21st, I’d love to disappear in a cave and not see the light of day. Positive thoughts are a bit harder to come by don’t you find? I have started to meditate again and it seems to help. ❤

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  4. While I relish the cooler temperatures which come with autumn and winter the lack of light does get to me. When I was in paid employment in the winter months I got up in the dark and came home in the dark. And relished every daylight hour the weekend could bring.
    These days I am invariably up early (sunrise is two hours away) and welcome and celebrate the dawn.
    Your photo is a stunner.


  5. The last time I lived in a place with shorter days over winter, I noted a similar crankiness when the days got shorter. I got one of those “light therapy” gadgets, a Philips GoLite Blue, or something like that. Using it for a few minutes every day really did make a difference.

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