• That’s exactly why I have so many! One I bought on the banks of the river Thames because it started to rain and I did not have one. Another I bought in Salzburg when the umbrella I DID have with me turned inside-out in a gust of wind and died on the spot- so I buried it with full honrs in the trash and immediately found a new one in a nearby shop. One of them is from the Smithsonian museums here, one is from a radio station where I worked some years ago.

            And one giant one is from a Costco, because sometimes you just need a big giant enormous golf umbrella.

            LOL. I just wrote a mini blog post in this comment.

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  1. I adore rain (we very, very rarely have enough of it).
    And, if someone made the scent of rain washed air, I would buy it. Buy it, wear it, and spray it liberally around the house. Petrichor is an ugly (I think name) but a beautiful, beautiful scent.


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