Walk With me, Will you?

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Copyright ©Far Away in the Sunshine 2010 – 2020

I love my neigbourhood.

It is where the children grew to be the young adults they are now. It is where I spent countless hours walking. It feels like home because it is home. COVID-19 got me to realize I am lucky in so many ways. My neighbours are the sweetest people you can ever wish for. To top it all off the house is only a few steps away from the beauty you see below.

Copyright ©Far Away in the Sunshine 2010 – 2020

Many a time, I come here to clear my head. To enjoy the simplicity of being in the middle of nature two minutes away from home. Days like this when the Autumn sun is bright, the crisp air makes me so grateful to be alive. Simple pleasures are indeed the best medication for any mental stress I might have.

This year was challenging on more than one level. In truth, I am glad it’s almost over. I am determined to keep my spirits high regardless of what comes my way. I take it in stride, keeping my thoughts as light and fluffy as possible, when possible. Steering clear from the news helps me a lot too.

Seeing beauties like this one feels me with gratitude. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Copyright ©Far Away in the Sunshine 2010 – 2020

I am telling you she had plenty of admirers around 😉

Ra, thank you so much for your feedback about what you wanted to read on my blog. Your wish is my command ❤

Open for any suggestions you might have dear friend. What do you wish to read here?



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